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Ci​rcle of Love Academy


COLA is the acronym for Circle of Love Academy. COLA is a cosmetology school offering Cosmetology Teacher Trainee, Traditional Cosmetology, Hybrid Cosmetology (portion distance learning), Traditional Manicuring, Hybrid Manicuring (portion distance learning), Natural Hair Care, and Traditional Esthetics, Hybrid Esthetics (portion distance learning) programs. Circle of Love Academy is a private cosmetic art school accredited by NACCAS. Our goal is to provide a wonderful educational experience for our students while preparing them for employment in the cosmetology field.

Beautifying Lives Since 2008

I must say this is the best school in North Carolina! I live in Raleigh and drive daily about 1.5 hours because it’s worth it. It’s different from other schools such as being personable and knowledgeable! Mrs. Darden really takes pride in her students! This is a real review! Spend the money because she will ensure to make sure you are educated and able to work in the industry. I’m glad I made my choice to come here instead of the typical expensive don’t care schools!!!

-Paris W.

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